Gustavo Rizerio is a notable tattoo and contemporary artist living and working in New York City. Originally from Brazil, Gustavo has spent his entire life honing his skills and innate abilities as an artist.

Drawn to the power and permanence of an image, Gustavo explores multiple mediums in his work touching on the slow transformative process that art takes through the passing of time.His work encompasses the baroque, to the clean modernist lines of the contemporary.  Extending from intricate oil paintings to layers of graffiti and mixed media, Gustavo’s work is ever-changing.

From his tattoo art to his fine art, Gustavo’s close attention to detail is what allowed him to become one of the most sought after tattoo artist’s in New York, along with providing him a position in Potrich Gallery, which is one of Brazil’s leading art-houses. His work is in his client’s permanent collections around the world.


Nossos Acervos | Group Show  
Novas apresentções,
Potrich Galleria de Arte, Goiania, BR

Outbound | Group Show
Curated by Borinquen Gallo

Sketchbook Show | Group Show
Galerie Protégé, NYC

Pretty Pretty Collective | Group Show  
San Francisco, USA

Vendo o Carnaval | Group Show
Potrich Galleria de Arte | Goiania, BR

Novas Aquisições | Group Show
Potrich Galleria de Arte | Goiania, BR

Artistas Brasileiros | Group Show
Jovens Talentos Senado Federal | Brasilia, BR

BLUE | Solo show
Potrich Galleria de Arte | Goiania, BR